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Procedure to replace hardware appliance (400B) with VM

I have a FortiAnalyzer 400B hardware appliance that I am replacing with a vSphere virtual machine (FAZ-VM64).


I have deployed the OVF and logged into the VM but was hoping to be able to bring in settings, reports, scheduling, etc... without recreating.


Any suggestions on order or business for finalizing replacement?  I set the firmware version of the new VM to the same as the existing hardware device (v5.0.12) thinking that would make this easier.  I was hoping to backup the config on the hardware device and restore to the VM but wasn't sure if that would break anything (they have different IP addresses, obviously)


Anyone done similar?


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I did the same migration year ago,

Noting serious, just apply configuration by small blocks over SSH/console. check and fix possible errors.


Of course, must be same firmware revision. After acceptance checking you can do upgrade. 



Prague/Czech Republic.


Thought I would post the results of the migration.


I loaded the FAZ_VM with the same firmware as my 400B appliance, and restored the backup from the 400B to the FAZ.  Set the IP address and it worked first try right off the bat.  I then updated firmware on the FAZ and my FortiGates to the latest supported by the pair.


The only item I had to adjust was the DNS addresses on the FAZ.  They defaulted to external addresses instead of my internal DNS servers so the internal hostnames were not resolving on my reports.


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