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Hello, We trying to create bit complex policy interface mapping using next condition: we have site "A" where is LAN defined as interface "ABC"we have site "B" where is LAN defined as zone "DEF"we have site "C" where is LAN defined as mix of multiple ...
Hello,we have LACP with two port on each of two nodes of A-A cluster configured. I noticed that etherchannel haves different aggregator ID on Fortigate and act as secondary aggregator also on Cisco (6509E). Each node in FG Cluster configured with the...
Hi, We got for test hardware token model 300.Working great, but in documentation written that they are "driverless".but if I put USB token into PC which isn't connected to internet we got installation failed. Can somebody suggest, what must we have t...
Hello, I have one problem, and I do not understand how to solve it:I have to create one policy (IPv4) with application control. This policy must be triggered by single application.For example: By this policy I would like to control YouTube traffic. a...
Hi, I have stupid question, what mean " Citrix" as type in conneciton tools? In other words, what must be written as server ip/address/name/url/something else for able to start citrix session? Thanks a lot. Vladimir.
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