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Problems with WAF profile


i am configuring a 101E, v7.2.8

I have activated the default WAF profile, and i have applied it to some rules.

I have set log enable for all the signatures and constraints in the profile.

I followed Fortinet instructions here, but if i run the test i dont get the fortigate error page, and nothing is logged.

If i apply an IPS profile to the same rule, it is applied first, and it logs the event as expected.

But if only the WAF profile is applied, nothing happens

Any idea?

thank you

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Check WAF Profile Settings: Ensure that the WAF profile settings are correctly configured.

Pay attention to the action settings (e.g., Block, Monitor) and enable them as needed.

Verify Rule Application: Double-check that the WAF profile is applied to the correct firewall policy rules. Make sure that the rules match the traffic you expect to be inspected by the WAF.

The WAF profile is applied to incoming traffic, specifically on inbound policies that govern traffic entering the network.

Regarding SSL inspection mode, the WAF profile is configured to use minimum certificate inspection. Additionally, it is important to enable 'Log allowed traffic' on all sessions for proper monitoring.



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