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Problem with high cpu killing forticlientems



Edit : I upgraded forticlientems to 7.0.2 a couple of days ago and the problem "may" have solved. I'll need some more time but so far so good. Now up to almost 2 full days with no problem or restart. Down from at least 1-2 restarts a day.


We're running a Forticlientems server and have been doing so for 1 1/2 years.


It worked well for a while but at one point we started to see problems with cpu slowly going up during a number of hours and at a certain level it starts going from around 50%-100% and the web interface stops listening/answering.


In most cases the clients will not be able to connect to the ems server either.


This happens at least every day now and the only cure is to restart the server.


We have around 1500 active clients, almost all windows, some mac and even fewer android.


I've gone from 6.2.x every version up to 7.0.2 now but no difference.


The server runs on VMware and we started out with cpu/memory according the recommendation but have added both cpu and memory but without success.


I've not been able to pinpoint exactly what process/process cause this.


Any tips or ideas?




You can try to get more details on what is using the CPU with the sysinternals Process Explorer of Microsoft. If the problem is still present, of course. Anyway, a great tool.