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Can I create custom Fortianalyzer field-list for exclusions

I am trying to reduce the amount of logs sent from FAZ to SIEM via log forwarding, but would still like to forward all FGT logs to FAZ. I can configure log exclusion and set a field-list, but the field-list options are generic and not as granular as I would like (from what I can tell). Can I create a custom field-list that is more detailed, such as a particular destination IP?

I would really prefer the option to exclude based on FGT Internet Service category and destination IP, but am open to nay input.


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Welcome to the Fortinet community and Thank you for your post. Hopefully, you've been keeping safe and doing well!

We see you are facing the issue of creating a custom FortiAnalyzer field-list for exclusion.

You should receive an update from one of the team members soon on. Thanks for your patience on this.

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Hello jacobcamp,


I checked and found in the FAZ configuration the way to do it.

config system log-forward

edit <id> --> logid
set mode {aggregation | disable | forwarding}
set fwd-log-source-ip {local_ip | original_ip}
set log-field-exclusion-status {enable | disable} --> need to be enabled

config log-field-exclusion
edit <id>
set dev-type {FortiGate | FortiMail | FortiManager | FortiAnalyzer | FortiWeb | FortiCache | FortiSandbox | FortiDDoS | Syslog}
set field-list <string>
set log-type {app-ctrl | attack | content | dlp | emailfilter | event | generic | history | traffic | virus | voip | webfilter | netscan | waf | gtp | dns | ssh | ANY-TYPE}

config log-filter
edit <id>
set field {type | logid | level | devid | vd | srcip | srcintf | srcport | dstip | dstintf | dstport | user | group | free-text }
set oper {= | != | < | > | <= | >= | contain | not-contain | match}
set value {traffic | event | utm}


Let me know if it helps.

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