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Problem with IM logging.

I´m unable to log the IM chat to our FortiAnalyzer 100B (FortiAnalyzer-100B 3.00-b0643(MR6)) from our Fortigate 200A (Fortigate-200A 3.00,build0480,070330 ). The logging was working ok but stopped without any cause. The strange thing is that our Fortigate 60 locate in a branch office has the same protection profile configuration and is loggin without any problems. When I check the log browser for the Fortigate 200A at the FortiAnalyzer 100B there is activity only for Skype not MSN!?!? Best regards, Carlos Vaz.
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This is the same issue i encountered.
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Hi Rejohn. I think my problem is little bit different. I´m not trying to block MSN. I need only to log all the chat going on between our users and the outside world. Thanks, Carlos Vaz.