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Problem with Fortinet VPN

Hi Folks, I am new to Fortinet, used other VPNs over the years but this is the first company that has used Forti.  Our WFH users have Forti and they must login to the VPN before they can access Windows 10.  They click on Sign-In Options, click on the Forti Shield then it goes back to the corp background Windows screen.  Just in the last few weeks, we have gotten a lot of reports of our WFH users trying login and getting this.  No error and they cannot login to work until they login to Forti.  This continues to happen and our remote support folks don't know how to assist without replacing the PC.   Is there something that can be done?  This is something new that has just started occurring.  Thanks in advance!


Replacing the PC is the best they have come up with? I'd start with looking at the device that is terminating the VPN and ensure that all the user/group mappings are working. I'm referring to the LDAP connections, RADIUS connections, whatever they are configured to do are reaching into the AD or Auth server as expected but it sounds like they are now that I think about it. Truthfully I'd start with the FortiClient (that''s the FortiShield you mentioned I believe) and go to Settings and then Export Logs... then come back here and paste the results of the last page or two worth of events.