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Is this thing just trying to scare me? FGT[FG200] Automation Stitch:auto.compromised.host is triggered.date=2021-04-05 time=14:21:27 logid="0100022953" type="event" subtype="system" level="warning" vd="root" eventtime=1617646887419280502 tz="-0400" l...
So the title about says it all.... We have an HA cluster (Active-Passive) with two 500's and we have FOUR ISP's that are connected into these units. One is broadband (Xfinity), One is a 1 Gb Fiber, and the other two are from one provider (Segra) with...
We have just went into a deal with a new ISP that has installed two fiber links leaving our building on two separate fiber rings and using two separate Velo Cloud boxes as the DEMARC that handle sending traffic out each ring. I am told that both 1Gb ...
We have been battling this for some time. Some clients are having issues while others do not. All have the same Endpoint Profile and Installer and are running 6.0.5. The installer has ALL components installed but only core product and VPN enabled via...
We have an Active Directory Cert Server that has issued me a Subordinate CA certificate for SSL inspection - this works great on our main edge firewall(s) for SSL Inspection, even deep inspection. My question is can I use that same certificate across...
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