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Problem linking FortiAP with Fortigate VM as controller


I have the following problem,

I have a network with Cisco router and switch equipment, but I need to add a FortiAP Access Point. But I have a FortiGate-VM64 v7.2.0,build1157,220331 (GA.F).

The AP model is FortiAP-231F v7.2,build0280,220414 (GA), so when connecting the AP to the Cisco Switch, the FortiGate as controller recognizes the AP but I get the following message:

"Cannot read properties of undefined (reading `hasOwnProperty`) and the AP remains as Offline status.

What can be?

Also, I have activated the security fabric, everything.



-- Please make sure that the AP is able to ping the Fortigate Ip address and vice versa. this is to confirm the communication is working between the 2 x devices.

-- If the AP and Fortigate are in different subnet then UDP ports 5246 & 5247 has to be opened between both.

-- Do you have any other AP on the same network connected to the Fortigate and showing as Online.

If all of the above mentioned or ok and still the AP is not coming up on the Fortigate  then we have to collect the capture on both ends and check what it shows.


Feel free to login a support ticket for this issue.


Yes, there is a connection between the two by ping


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