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Private IP address registered on Server DNS instead of the VPN assigned IP address



Remote users are connecting with Forticlient with an IPSec VPN configured in split tunnel. When I try to manage the computers by name, some of the computers cannot be found because on the Windows Server 2016 DNS the computers are getting registered not with the IP address assigned by the VPN configuration but with the private IP address of the user's home or location.


For example the IP address pool for the VPN goes from to, at the user's home the user's router assigns to the computer's nic and when it is connected with the VPN it also get the IP When I check the A record in the DNS it have the IP address and not Even if I delete the A record and add it manually with, later on the system adds a new A record with the same computer name but with the IP address. This is not happening with all computers but all of them are using the same IPSec VPN (split tunnel). For some of them the A record is properly created in the DNS with 10.10.50.XXX.


Please advise.






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Hello again,


Please I really need help on this.


On a couple of the computers that are getting registered with the wrong IP address I went to -> Control Panel -> Network and Sharing Center -> Network Card -> IPv4 properties -> Advanced -> DNS tab -> unselect  "Register this connection on DNS"  Whit that it works and the computer got registered with the VPN assigned IP address but if the VPN is disconnected or the computer rebooted as soon as you connect with the Forticlient, the DNS paramenters are change and the computer get registered with the private IP address again.


Please help.


I too am having this same issue and my google search brought me right to this thread... Is there anyone that can help out with this if I bump this older post? I believe the way to handle it is to change the way DNS works on the Fortigate. IE: make it authoritative for the domain but then again I'm not sure if that's help either... It's a major problem for us so Edil if you came to some sort of resolution, please share.


Hi fcb,

Fortigate might not have a running DNS server on it, but the behavior will be still in place.
The behavior is a result of the client's PC trying to update the DNS server with the IP addresses of the interfaces that have the option "Register this connection on DNS" enabled.


That option have to be fine-tuned on the OS/ Server side.



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