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PowerFGT: a PowerShell module for FortiGate


I have been working for several months on a PowerShell module that uses the FortiGate REST API.


This module is available on psgallery(.com) :

Actually, we support to connect to HTTPS or HTTP

and use the following feature :

  • Address (Add/Get/Copy/Set/Remove object type ipmask/subnet)
  • AddressGroup (Add/Get/Copy/Set/Remove and Add/Remove Member)
  • DNS (Get)
  • HA (Get)
  • Interface (Get)
  • IP Pool (Get)
  • Local User (Get)
  • Policy (Add/Get/Remove)
  • RoutePolicy (Get)
  • Service (Get)
  • Service Group (Get)
  • Static Route (Get)
  • System Global (Get)
  • VDOM (Get)
  • Virtual IP (Get/Add/Remove object type static-nat)
  • Virtual WAN Link/SD-WAN (Get)
  • VPN IPsec Phase 1/Phase 2 Interface (Get)
  • Zone (Get)[/ul]


    it is very easy to use (and install)


    Launch PowerShell command line and launch following command for install

    Install-Module PowerFGT

    for load the module

    Import-Module PowerFGT

    Connect to your firewall


    You get a prompt to ask credential


    for example to get all address use


    You can get the list of command available via

    Get-Command -Module PowerFGT


     and for get help (and example about a command for example Add-FGTFirewallAddress)

    Get-Help Add-FGTFirewallAddress -Full


    More documentation, example is available on and you can also report issue/enhance !


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    A new release of PowerFGT (0.40 is available on PSGallery =>

  • Enhance Filtering (using directly API) (#58, #62)
  • Add Add/Set/Remove (and member) Address Group (#57)
  • Add Add/Set/Remove Virtual IP (VIP) (#54)
  • Add Add/Remove (and member) Firewall Policy (#65, #68)
  • Add Deploy-FGTVm for deploy FortiGate vapp (#34)
  • Add Timeout setting for Connect-FGT (and Invoke-FGTRestMethod) (#56)[/ul]

    Documentation is available

    Bug Report / Enhance :

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    Thanks for this great module @alagoutte. Just tried some feature but can't seem to find a way to add mac address to Address or Address Group. Am I missing something?

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    Not yet ! can you ask on Github project ?


    Sure, thanks @alagoutte!


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