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Portforwarding on router public IP failed

Hello all,


This is my first Fortigate product, I use FortiGate 30E. I have 4 IP public: x.x.x.90, x.x.x.91 - 93. I use x.x.x.90 as my router WAN IP.


I need to use my public IP to publish my internal server. To do that, I add static route to route x.x.x.91 - 93 to my LAN interface. And then, I add virtual IP (port forwarding) to forward all packet from x.x.x.91 to my private interface (and private ip of my server), let's say: x.x.x.91 -> 10.x.x.x.200. I don't know if it's a right way to publish my internal server thorough Fortigate, but it works for all my x.x.x.91 - 93 public IP. But, it doesn't work for my public IP used by my router wan interface (x.x.x.90). I have set my router not to occupy port 80 and 443, but still I can not forward x.x.x.90 to my internal LAN (only port 80 and 443)


If I check my routing table, it's said that x.x.x.91-93 has been routed to lan interface, but x.x.x.90 routed to internet interface. My router wan setting is: IP: x.x.x.90, gateway: x.x.x.89.


My question is: Is it safe to put static route x.x.x.90 to LAN interface ? I am afraid it will broke all routing, because x.x.x.90 is 'this device' interface for my router, isn't it ? 


So, is it possible to use router public IP to publish internal server using port forwarding,only http/https port ? What must I do to do that ? 


Thanks for any enlightenment :)











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Why are you using routes for your external IP's to your lan? You should not do that, those IP's are listening on your wan interface, not lan you should not put a static route to route them anywhere.


Exactly, what Shawn said.  Your Virtual IP does the "routing" for you by virtue of the mapped address.  There needs to be a route to the internal address of the server(s) in question and it needs to be on the same interface as is the destination interface of your policy with the VIP as the destination address.  That's it.  No other routing is needed.

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