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Poor Support Response

So does anyone actually use FortiDB? We bought one a few months ago after doing a trial of the VM, and it seemed to do all the functions we needed for database monitoring and alerting. Now that we are using it and finding some of the quirks, we are getting very poor response from support. There are several functions that are just simply broken and the response was that there are no plans to fix it. You are unable to upload a trusted certificate to the web interface to get rid of SSL warnings, the LDAP integration for admin users is pretty much useless for active directory. You can customize almost every kind of alert or vulnerability assessment with great precision, except for some of the built-in DML and privilege policies. So you can't tell it to ignore certain system users creating and dropping temporary tables, but when users who are not the DB owner perform new user additions or authorization changes it totally misses it because the parameters are hard coded and hidden from the interface! Certain functions only work with the sniffer collection method and others only work with the builtin audit functions- it is recommended to use both functions for certain kinds of reporting, but it eats up 2 licenses when you monitor one database two different ways! Some of the SQL commands the admin guide tells you to run to enable certain auditing are just wrong.

Again- all the answers i've gotten from support so far are that these are issues that are not going to be addressed. I don't get anything like this from FortiGate support. Has anyone had similar experience and is there anything that can be done about it? It's not like you can just return a $15k+ device 6 months after you bought it for a refund.



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