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Policy incomptable with access point?

Hello Community,

I am attempting to get the FortiWifi 80F to broadcast an access point with specific policies enabled.

The version of firmware is v7.2.4. Now the 80F will boot and be running for a while but the access point does not broadcast. Then I disable these 4 specific policies and then it causes the access point to begin broadcast. However, I can then re-enable those 4 policies and the access point is still broadcast. It seems then the policies can be running enabled at the same time as the broadcasting access point. For what ever reason it requires the policies to first be disabled to start the radio broadcast? And ideas why?

Appreciate it


That is a very interesting behavior. And a lot of details provided too - like AP model, the policies you talk about, or how/why FG is involved in 'broadcasting an AP'. The policies allow/deny traffic so there should be no connection to the AP behavior.

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This issue is related to the Virtual IP in the policy. For one test, instead of disabling the policy I switched the destination Virtual IP for destination All. This caused the access point to broadcast.

I also downgraded firmware to v7.2.3 and the behavior is occurring there as well.


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