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Hello community, I am attempting to change the wifi region / country code on the FortiWifi 80F. The SKU on the device is Region A. I am following the CLI steps here in KB
Hello CommunityI would like to setup the FortiWifi 80F to access a NTP server. This did work successfully to locate public NTP servers over the WAN port. However, I would like a computer on the LAN port to be broadcasting a NTP server. I have not bee...
Hello Community,Running a FortiWifi 80F with v7.2.4 firmware. In the wireless networks section of local wifi radio is where the scanned networks appear. There is a WPA3-Personal+WPA2-PSK[AES] secured wireless network that appears as 'open' security. ...
Hello Community,I am attempting to get the FortiWifi 80F to broadcast an access point with specific policies enabled.The version of firmware is v7.2.4. Now the 80F will boot and be running for a while but the access point does not broadcast. Then I d...
Hello CommunityWondering why a FortiWifi 80F might not be displaying all available wireless networks. There is a wireless network here which is located close enough to the FortiWifi that it should be seeing it. There is other computers in the area th...
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