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Hello CommunityI have been using the Dynamically Obtained DNS for a wired connection. However I cannot see this appearing when on a wireless connection. Does this feature work over wifi?
Hello CommunityI am troubleshooting a FortiWifi 80F with v7.2.4. There is Local wifi client connected to a network with -40dBM green signal strength. Next there is a SD-WAN Zone with that wifi as an interface which shows link is up.However the Downlo...
Hello Community, I am attempting to POST an additional firewall policy using the API method. Getting back a 424 Failed dependency. I have always included the API key, and have also tried optionally setting vdom, datasouce, and with_meta but none reso...
Hello Support Community,Is it safe to say that the API Key for the Fortigate does not expire? If I were to generate one using the command line, could this be re-used forever?execute api-user generate-key apiadmin Appreciate it
Hello CommunityThe FortiOS REST API from Fortinet Developer Network can be found referenced here. Each base URL endpoint has the various response codes (200, 400, 401, ...). Would it be correct to assume that every endpoint has exactly the same respo...
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