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Ping Goes higher in Game when any one PC Downloads


We are an internet gaming café located in Abu Dhabi, UAE -  with a total unit of 100 PCs.

Currently using the Foritnet -  FortiWifi 80CM with 2 internet lines 120MBps (240MBps) .

Also we do have Cisco switches to support our network 2960-S (4) & 2960-G (1). At a time we have around 80+ clients at peak time...


Problem we are facing :

When one of the PC is downloading/updating their game the whole network goes lag making the ping higher in-game and the streaming in website goes buffering.Also we are facing packet loss as well for certain games (ex.League of Legends).

Please let us know your thoughts and how we can resolve this problem the earliest.


We are planning to upgrade our Fortinet to much better version please suggest which will be the best one for gaming C,D,E ?

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Dear friend,


       please go with the 200E version for future upgrade with current requirement.

if a system is upgrading or downloading from internet it will take whole bandwidth.

you have to prioritize the updates and download with application control or use traffic shaping for particular thing ,

otherwise other user will be affected.

Plan the new deployment and prioritized everything . 




Dear Mr. Sunil , thank you for your kind reply , One of vendors here in uae offered us 300D , or 101E Which one will be suitable for Gaming business , not that thats the maximum user we can reach (100pc) Like the fortinet will be router more than firewall,
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