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Permitting SolarWinds Orion server access to its mothership

I would like to permit a SolarWinds Orion application server access to specified SolarWinds sites ... but block access to the rest of the Internet

Ideally, the Internet Services Database would include an entry for Orion ... and while it does include entries for other SolarWinds products, it doesn't include one for Orion

So, I'm headed toward building my own set of Addresses to produce an 'Orion' Address Group, which I will then use in a Policy

This will be tedious.  Has anyone done this already and willing to share the resulting CLI entries?




Stuart Kendrick


Hello Stuart,


As far as I understand you would like to configure dynamic list of IP addresses which should be allowed. In case I understand your scenario correctly you may consider to configure Threat Feed and use Threat Feed object in the firewall policy. Please find more details by following the link below: