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I would like to permit a SolarWinds Orion application server access to specified SolarWinds sites ... but block access to the rest of the InternetIdeally, the Internet Services Database would include an entry for Orion ... and while it does include e...
Under Log View... Log Browse... I can see how to download past logs in ~55MB chunks, which tend to cover 5-10 minute chunks of time. I can see how to select one at a time. Or even a screenful at a time. When I choose Download, I then must confirm, in...
Is anyone else doing this?I am using the following list of reserved addresses: the following look like a coherent approach? config firewall address edit "bogon-zero" set subnet ...
Would anyone have a mental model to offer for what the SSL VPN feature is doing when it is 'checking rules'? I'm trying to spin up an SSL VPN service, using the heavy FortiClient, the client sees "Permission denied". The relevant output of "diagnose ...
BRIEFI'm poking around Compromised Hosts ... thus far, only my DNS servers are showing up* Drilling in, I see uniformly that the Detect Method is 'infected-domain'* What do other people do? Do you just live with all your DNS servers topping the Compr...