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Packets are droping when I connecting Fortinet 200D in network.


My name is Anand.

My Network scenario is


I am getting the following problem.

1. When I am Pinging from users to my local server, 4-5 + Packets are dropping per minutes continuously while its working fine when firewall restarted for some hours.

2. Packets are also dropping when I ping ISP's-dns.

3. When Fortinet is out of network, the ping reply from users to local server works fine; Not a single packets are dropping.

4. When I am connecting my laptop to my cisco router directly then the isp works fine.

I am unable to find the problem inside firewall.

If any one knows the solution please share with me.

Waiting for response.



Anand Chourasia




New Contributor III

Dear Anand ,


         hi this is sunil panchal from kuwait .just can you share screen shot of the firewall policy .

may it is due to problem with firewall policy misconfiguration .


thank you 




You could check the interface settings, somethings will not work with AUTO, you have to hardcode the nic settings.

try setting the link speed/duplex on the interface connecting to the Cisco:

conf sys int   edit <interface-name>   set speed 100full      **<1000full/10000half/100full/100half/10full/10half/auto> end


You can check the interface with:  diagnose hardware deviceinfo nic <interface-name>


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