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PFsense (Netgate 4100) in front of a Fortigate


I have normally run Fortigate in my home network however I am trying to set up a PFsense appliance (Netgate 4100) at the perimeter and set up my Fortigate behind it. When I connect my desktop to the PFSense appliance directly, I can access the Internet. However when I connect my desktop to my Fortigate and connect my fortigate to my PFsense appliance, I am unable to reach anything. When doing this, the default gateway for my desktop becomes and it becomes a part of the subnet behind the fortigate. However, my PFsense appliance isn't assign a DHCP lease to my Fortigate and no traffic is being sent from my desktop to the Internet.

Any help would be appreciated.




As per the issue we could see, we are not fetching ip address from pf sense.

Lets focus whether we are sending DHCP request or not. You need to configure wan interface mode as DHCP only then we will get IP address from pf sense.

If you already configured it and if still not working, can you execute this command in the firewall :

diag sniffer packet <wan> 'port 67 or port 68' 6 0 a (where wan is firewall wan interface name)
can you execute this command in the firewall and share us the output



I do have the WAN interface mode set as DHCP only. When I execute 'diag sniffer packet wan2 port 67 or port 68' I get:

JT-FortiGate-61F # diag sniffer packet wan2 'port 67 or port 68' 6 0 a
filters=[port 67 or port 68]
0 packets received by filter
0 packets dropped by kernel

JT-FortiGate-61F # Timeout


My PFsense appliance's LAN2 connection and my fortigate's WAN2 is where they are connected.