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Not able to copy files from fortigate SSL VPN RDP to my laptop.



I have created one SSL VPN Portal and allowed RDP and enabled the web mode as well. I am successfully able to login into the RDP system but i am not able copy the files from RDP system to my system.

My fortigate firmware version is 6.2.9. As i see in one of the document that firmware version of 7.0.1 there is one option called RDP/VNC clipboard enable. Once we enable that option we can copy its saying but in my firewall the firmware version is 6.2.9 but i am not able to see that RDP/VNC clipboard enable option in web mode. 

even i tried in console as well to enable the Set clipboard enable. 

i am getting error of attached below

command parse error before 'clipboard'
Command fail. Return code -61


what to do now to allow copy files from RDP to my laptop. and The last and latest firmware update for this firewall is 6.4.8 and even in  6.4.8 also RDP/VNC clipboard option is not there in Web mode.






File sharing is not supported via the RDP bookmark on any FortiOS version. The clipboard can only share simple text. 


You will need to use SSL VPN in tunnel mode together with your your desktop RDP client to share files/printers. 

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