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Hii I have created one SSL VPN Portal and allowed RDP and enabled the web mode as well. I am successfully able to login into the RDP system but i am not able copy the files from RDP system to my system.My fortigate firmware version is 6.2.9. As i see...
Hii, I am thinking to Write NSE 4 in the upcoming week. So now my doubt is to attend NSE4 exam is it mandatory to complete NSE1, NSE2 and NSE3 Certifications ?? Actually i have Completed my NSE1, NSE2 and NSE3 certifications on 12/Aug/2019. And i hea...
Hii , Actually I have formatted the fortigate 100d firewall. And now I am unable to boot the device or upgrade the Firmware. It says boot failed.I have configured the tftp parameters. And connected to mgmt port of fortigate to my laptop (tftp server)...