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No dhcp release showing under Monitor and also tried with CLI


I am running v5.4.4,build7650. Yesterday I was able to see dhcp release for addresses. Today I created two new subinterfaces under port 3 with two more vlans and assigned DHCP release to these vlans and then created a zone for these three subinterfaces for internet access.


I just checked under Monitor -> DHCP release but I dont see any thing under that. I made sure that no filter is on and also remove the two new vlans interfaces and just kept the one which was there yesterday but still I dont see release IP.


I can see that client does the IP address in this VLAN.


Any tip?

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I would check through release notes for 5.4.5-5.4.9. You might find a bug fix in one of those.


Thanks. Just had quick look but didnt find anything. I did see arp table showing devices connected to one of the VLAN where dhcp is running.

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Thanks zhunissov4.


Beleive me or not. I saw your msg and went to office and the plan to test all the outputs BUT when I logged on I saw dhcp release showing up in dhcp monitor. I was surprised like hell. No one did anything.


I am setting up these firewall and they not fully in production. Can you think of any thing that could be the cause of this?


As I said I created VLAN and setup the Dhcp and then created zone and then ACL for the rule and then I checked my dhcp release and nothing was there.


I deleted the Zone and created the ACL for just one VLAN to test and the dhcp release was not showing up.

Can it be something related to Zone?