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No DHCP after power loss


I had few power losses at home lately (no UPS) and every time my FortiWifi 60F loads up all devices at home don't get any ip address from the DHCP, not the wifi devices nor the wired devices.

if i set a manual ip address to my computer everything is working fine.

Problem is solved when i run "execute dhcp lease-clear all" on my fortiwifi and then all devices starts connecting and working again.

checked the dhcp log but don't know what to search for...

FortiOS is updated to 7.2.4.

any advice would be appreciated.



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I have a FGT60e on Spectrum cable internet with no static IP.

When I experience power losses, even brief, the FGT dhcp on the WAN interface resets to the cable modem's lan. I have to log in and 'renew' the lease to get a WAN IP.

So, two questions,

  1. can I prevent this from happening via any configuration on the FGT?

  2. Can someone point me to an API call I can make to renew the lease from another host on the network? Something limited access for this use only, so the wife can reset the internet without logging in.

thanks in advance

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I'm facing the same problem! Did you find a solution?

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I think it was resolved by one of the latest FotiOS updates...


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