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Newbie trying to configure address group packet prioritization



Newbie here trying to configure some basic prioritization though Traffic Shaping for a series of devices/endpoints.


I've created an address group for a handful of devices defined by MAC Address Range.  The problem I seem to be having is when assigning them as the Traffic Source under the Shaping Policy.  When attempting to save the policy setup with the group defined I get a fairly non descript error of "Entry not found.".  If I change the source to something predefined on the Fortigate it sails through no problem.  Any thoughts on what I'm missing here?


It's a 60E running on 6.2.

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I could see you configuration,


regards !

Armando Gómez
Armando Gómez

Hi All,


Forgot to come back to this.  I managed to sort out the issue using IP based addresses rather than MAC based addresses.  There must be some kind of bug with the shaping policy component in 6.2 as the only thing that changed to get it working was the address type.


When I create addresses based on MAC addresses, in an address group, I don't seem to be able to find either the group or the addresses when creating a Traffic Shaping Policy, based on the traffic matching the Source. Can MAC address addresses not be used in this way? This approach seemed to be easier than to need to create IP address reservations and create IP address addresses. I would like to do this on 6.0, 6.2, and 6.4 FortiOS firewalls if possible.

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