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New to Fortinet - Thoughts on FortiOS 7.0.1?

We are new to Fortinet, still configuring and prepping for our cutover. Reading the documentation is looks like the call out for iOS/Mac devices not working with VPN was removed in the 7.0 and 7.0.1 guides. We prefer to go live using the VPN for both Mac and Windows devices. Reading through the forums it seems best practice is to wait for a few patch levels, but since we are going into this from another product, we wanted to ask if anyone is using 7.0.1, have they had issues, and have they been successful with Mac/iOS and Windows for VPN? This will be used on 601e devices.


Dear Customer,

I would request you to go with the firmware 7.0.10 or 7.0.11 or 7.2.4 which is supported with the current device 601E.
As the 7.0.1 is been removed due to vulnerability.

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