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New FortiClient Install - Windows 10 App

Hi All,


I'm brand-new to Fortinet products, including Forticlient.  My goal is to test Forticlient as a vpn client and possibly use some of the virtualization tools, such as secure remote desktop connections.


Per the Forticlient website, I installed the client via the Microsoft Store, which appears to be required for Windows 10.  I could not find a downloadable installer.


After installation, i get a white screen with some text but no configurable options.  Screenshot is attached.


I've read the guide located here:

It is clearly showing screenshots of options that I do not have.


If anyone can give advice on how to get to the configuration for this app I would appreciate it.



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First I'm assuming you're talking about laptop/PC environment, not Windows Phone 10.

I'm, by no means, not an expert of Windows. But, or because of it, I'm avoiding "Win10 App" version of FortiClient as long as they still offer "FortiClient for Windows" a standalone software version. I installed "Win10 App" once in the past but straggled with the first attempt, then made it work with the second attempt. 

But I didn't like it was embedded in Windows and no local log and config save option were offered. So I never use it since then.


You can download FortiClient here:


Fortigate <3

Fortigate <3
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