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Need Help with Configuring SNMP for FortiSwitches Managed by FortiGate

Hey everyone,

I'm currently working on setting up SNMP monitoring for my network and could use some help. I have a VM running LibreNMS, which is already configured to monitor my FortiGate successfully. However, I'm struggling with configuring SNMP for my FortiSwitches that are managed by the FortiGate.

Has anyone here done this before and can guide me through the process? Specifically, I'm looking for steps or tips on how to:

  1. Enable SNMP on FortiSwitches managed by FortiGate.
  2. Ensure that LibreNMS can discover and monitor these FortiSwitches correctly.

Any help, resources, or pointers would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!


Did you follow the FSW FortLink guide are you facing any particular issue?

Make sure that the subnet your are using for FortilLink port is routed and reachable by the monitoring system. You may also need to upload the MIB files manually in the monitoring system.


- Emirjon
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