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Need Guidance for purchase

Dear All, Good day,


Im looking for fortinet fortigate firewall for my customers that currently their internet subscription is 800Mbps, 


they already have existing networking, and just looking for a solution to block some web categories such as porn gambling etc on their network. They have around only 10 Desktop PC (which all already connected to existing switch) and around 5 AP


They didnt need any vpn features or anything, just want a firewall that can do the web filtering as they also has some Wireless access points that are open to guest and they didnt want it to be be misuse to visit such website.


So based on this, the fortigate firewall did not need too many ethernet port, and must support atleast the 800Mbps internet speed, and must able to filter website as per mention earlier.


Your guidance and suggestion are highly appreciated. Thanks 

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I would think the 40F or 60F would do the trick.  40F really is a bare minimum (no room to grow) so for a relatively small increase in cost I'd go for the 60F.


I wouldn't go below 60F as bare minimum - its ThreatProtection  i.e. URL filtering + AntiVirus + SSL inspection + etc in short all protections included max throughput is 700 Mbit/sec already, only NGFW is 1 Gbit/sec max .

10 Pcs + 5 APs (which may mean at least 10 mobile devices of those office users, but add guests may reach 20-30) 

80F may be more peace-of-mind decision for the 3 years of a typical bundle subscription lifetime.


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Yuri blog: All things Fortinet, no ads.
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