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NSE7 ent firewall direct from NSE4


I’m currently NSE4 certified and have one year left on my cert. I don’t use FortiAnything except FortiGate although I have had some exposure to FMG.

NSE7 enterprise firewall seems most aligned to what is required of me in my current role and my current skill set.

Would taking NSE7 ent fw without having an NSE5 or NSE6 specialism (example: FMG OR FAZ) be risky in terms of exam content?

Running through the forti training slides, the content seems manageable and from my NSE4 experience, the slides and exam content were very closely aligned!

Obviously if NSE7 assumes a prior in depth knowledge of FMG/FAZ/other nse5 or 6 level specialism then I’ll perhaps do those first.

Thanks in advance

Hello Maaya88,


Doing the NSE 7 Enterprise Firewall is a valid hop from NSE 4. I personally did NSE 5 FAZ and FMG before NSE 7 and it is the recommended training for NSE 7 for the courses. I suggest you do the FMG/FAZ online courses as prep material in addition to the NSE 7 course.

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