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Hi , I am preparing for the NSE 6 Security specialist exam. Is this mandatory to write the 4 specialist exams to clear the NSE 6 certification? 


Certificate Name: NSE 6 - Security Specialist Requirements: Complete 4 Fortinet Specialist tracks Exam: Specialist Exams[style="background-color: #ffff00;"] (or coursework where no exam exists)[/style] Recommended coursework: Fortinet Specialist courses


In this what it is mean by (or coursework where no exam exists) . Instead of writing the exam can we complete the NSE 6 certification while going those self placed courses?


  • [style="background-color: #ffff00;"]FortiWeb Self-Paced Course[/style] + FortiWeb Facilitated Lab
  • FortiWeb Instructor-led Course + Lab  .
  • FortiMail Instructor-Led Course  .
  • FortiWireless Course .
  • [style="background-color: #ffff00;"]FortiAuthenticator Self-paced course[/style] + FortiAuthenticator Instructor-led Lab
  • FortiAuthenticator Instructor-led course and lab.
  • FortiDDoS Classroom Course  .
  • [style="background-color: #ffff00;"]FortiSandbox Self-paced Course[/style] + FortiSandbox Facilitated Lab
  • FortiSandbox Instructor-led Course + Lab .
  • [style="background-color: #ffff00;"]FortiADC D Self-paced Course [/style]+ FortiADC Facilitated Lab
  • FortiADC D Classroom Course + Lab[/ul]



    Vijay Anand. G

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    as far as I understand the NSE 6 certification will be granted for completion of the LAB if there is no exam yet! (so only for the ADC and Authenticator - the rest has examsout there!)


    And as I was told at the GPC - all NSE 6 certifications will get migrated to Pearson VUE exams this year ....





    Hi Vijay,


    For certification questions, please contact:


    There are exams for all courses now. So you should pass either 4 Specialist exams or the standalone NSE 6 exam at Pearson VUE that is coming. FortiAuthenticator is the first exam that we put at Pearson VUE. I am looking into why the FortiADC D exam on the LMS is currently inactive. All other exams have links in the LMS; they are not yet migrated to Pearson VUE.





    The FortiADC D Specialist Exam in the LMS has been re-activated. 


    Hi Courtney,


    You mentioned a NSE6 standalone exam - would this exam cover all the appliances in NSE6 or would there be an exam per appliance i.e. as is with FortiAuthenticator?


    At the Global Partner Conference 2016 and in the recent ATC webinar, we announced that NSE 6 exams are moving to Pearson VUE.


    Now you will have a choice of either:

  • 1 standalone NSE 6 exam, where you choose four products that will comprise your test, and passing it automatically grants NSE 6 certification
  • 4 individual Specialist exams, taken at separate times; when four are complete, you should ask our Operations team for your NSE 6 certification[/ul]

    So for NSE 6, you will still "pick 4" and study only those. The requirement hasn't changed. Just available formats of the exam: split, or standalone.

  • CyberNorris

    Will the price of four individual exams be comparable to the price of the four in one exam?

    Norris Carden

    Fortinet XTreme Team USA (2015, 2016)

    CISSP (2005), CISA (2007), NSE4 (2016)

    Norris Carden Fortinet XTreme Team USA (2015, 2016) CISSP (2005), CISA (2007), NSE4 (2016)

    I haven't seen the prices yet. You can ask: 


    There are some actual tests with NSE5 modules. But i don't find any test with NSE6 FortiAuthenticator module. Is that correct? or am i looking in wrong place?

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