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N/A User in SSL VPN



Just want to ask if someone encounter this already. I'm looking at FortiView VPN tab seeing User=n/a with 45mins ago last connection time and a duration of 22h 12m. Can someone explain why there is a n/a user?


SSL vpn was setup using only a local user created in the firewall. All user who successfully established a tunnel will be authenticated properly that's why their identity was recorded under "User". Why there is an N/A, is this a failed attempt to ssl vpn? See screenshot below for reference. Thank you in advance whoever give feedback about this




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I came to find the answer to that same question, but it seems you and I are the only ones asking it.


Hey SyKoTiK,

are your logs the exact same (user N/A, tunneltype ssl instead of ssl-tunnel/ssl-web)?

When an SSLVPN connection is established, FortiClient may open multiple tunnels at the same time; sometimes one of them doesn't establish properly and you might end up with something like a zombie tunnel with no associated user, and no specific tunnel type.

There shouldn't be any traffic flowing through it.

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