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Multiple local subnet interfaces for IPsec VPN

We have two FortiGates (100E & 200E) that we want to establish a VPN between. Both firewalls have a local VLANs configured (via FortiLink managed FortiSwitches). We want all VLANs communicate over the VPN.

When using the FG-FG VPN wizard, I have noticed I am required to choose a local subnet interface. In our case we want all our VLANs but this is not possible in the wizard.

What would you recommend? Perhaps I could create a zone but this would require I recreate all our firewall policies. Is this the preferred way?

Or maybe I should create the VPN using the custom wizard. I can't see a requirement for a local interface.



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I don't regularly use wizard/GUI but if you create a site-to-site for FGTs even when you specify for source and destination it seems to set "addr-type" to "name" instead of 0/0<->0/0.

Then you need to go to "custom", then the default selector set is 0/0<->0/0 so you don't have to change it. You just need to set proper routes and policies on both sides to allow all vlans to talk between them.

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Thanks mate.

Got the test scope going via the GUI custom wizard. I will do some performance testing before using for production traffic.

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