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Multiple VPN (ipsec) To Same Destination

Hi Team,


I have configured 2 IPSEC to the same remote destination and it was working fine with version 6.4 however after the upgrade it stopped working. The reason for that is that the Tunnel ID for the second tunnel is assigned with an IP of and not the public IP (which is assigned to the first IPSEC). Apparently, there is a behavior change on version 7.2. (In general, tunnel IDs are assigned the IP address of the remote gateway. If multiple tunnels use the same gateway IP address, then a random IP address from the subnet is assigned).


Has anyone encountered a similar issue and what is the recommended fix?


Appreciate your help and assistance.



Did you get this fixed? I have the same issue with 7.2

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Hi @Networkman ,


This was actually not a fault but more of a feature changes.
We did not have to fix it, we reset the route table and it was able to use both the links although the public IP was different.


hi @kanes39 

how did you reset the routing table as I'm facing the same problem and will this delete all the static routes I did before? 


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