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Migrating from Meru MC3200 to Fortigate 100E as controller


I have a Meru MC3200 running firmware v7.0-13build-0.

I have 49 * Meru AP332i and 7* Meru AP822i also on the same firmware as the controller.

I use Server 2012 NPS for radius.


I'd like to know if it's possible if I purchase a Fortigate 100E firewall to do away with the MC3200 controller and use the Fortigate to control the AP's ?


I currently use a Stormshield SN910 UTM device as our firewall and it's proving costly to support and the Meru MC3200 is obviously an old device nowadays. it would perhaps be worth my while to purchase the 100E to replace it if I can also use it as a wireless controller killing 2 birds with 1 stone so to speak.

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The FortiGate will not be able to manage those older Meru APs. The newer universal APs (FAPU) are able to be managed by either a FortiGate or Meru/WLC controller.


So if you wanted to get a FG100E you'll also need to purchase new APs. With the FG100E and the new APs you'll be able to replace the Meru controller and Stormshield UTM firewall. I'd recommend doing this if you have the budget as it's alot easier to configure the SSIDs and policies from one console.


Thanks for the reply, interesting as there's Fortinet firmware for the MC3200 currently (looks like the fortiwlc console) and the FAP332i/822i seems identical to the Meru 332i/822i.

Admittedly the new universal AP does look good but buying 56 of them won't be cheap :)

I suppose a separate FortiWLC would certainly work with the present AP's? I'd like to stretch out their lifespan as much as possible, I haven't heard of an upgrade offer for the ones I have as yet and they are still doing a good job inc supporting ac standard etc.

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I think the AP332i are super old and they don't have 802.11ac, so you only have the 7 822i that are still good tech. The 332i at best use 802.11n which is 9 years old, pretty ancient. AP lifespan is maybe 3-5 years? 802.11ax, the successor to 802.11ac is just around the corner.


The FortiWLC will manage both the 332i and the 822i, but won't be able to form a single virtual cell with both families, you'll have two cells.


They're actually 5 years old (the 332i) but you're right they are a/b/g/n and only ac with the newer 822i but we're happy with the current placement and use for the moment.

Seeing as everything is 5 years old max and at the time approx £30,000 you can imagine how we're not in a rush.

Looks like it will work though as Fortinet sales have confirmed that it will work for the time being, then we can look at AP upgrades afterwards. Thanks for the answers everyone. 


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