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Migrating back to fortinet

We have run 3700Ds for 10 years or so, then they announced a EOL. Our head honchos decided to go with Cisco FTD9300 as replacements. This is almost a year ago when the cutover happened. It has been pure pain from hell of performance bottleneck after performance bottleneck. Most, if not all the issues were being seen by TAC for the first time ever. It was God send when Forti decided to extend the EOL to 2027. In no time it was decided to get the 3700D suited up.. My joy..
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I think you meant EOO(End of Order) 2022-04-16 for 3700D when you decided migrating it to Cisco. All Fortinet products generally have 5 year continuous support before EOS(End of Support) until 2027-04-16 in the 3700D case.

But it's less than 4 years from now so you better be prepared for the next move whatever your org decides.




Hello @boldie 

You can use FortiConverter to assist with migrating your configurations from Cisco FTD9300 to FortiGate 3700D. FortiConverter is a tool provided by Fortinet that helps convert configuration files from various vendor-specific formats to Fortinet's FortiGate configuration format. This can be useful when transitioning from one vendor's equipment to FortiGate devices.
Please check this article on About Forticonverter services
3rd party security vendors conversion

let us know if you have any queries



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