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Migrating 108D from 60E to 60F - need vlans across devices

On my 60E I broke the switch apart to have individual ports.  I was then able to create something like -

fg.vlan10 - 60E vlan

fs.vlan10 - 108D vlan


Then I could create a Vlan Softswitch and add those as "members" of the group along with any physical interfaces on the 60E. (Screen snip attached).  Then I just created my policies and everything was happy.


However, on the 60F those interfaces I created on the 108D and 60E never show up when I go to create a Vlan.  I just see the physical interfaces.  I have too many physical connections to just use the 108D.  I've tried to move all of my tagged vlan traffic to the 108d and just have main vlan connections on the 60F.  This issue is my trunk ports to my ESXI and wireless controller.  I get IP conflicts trying to add the (overlapping) vlans to the 60F that are on the 108D and visa versa.   The command I used to break apart the "switch" in the 60E does not work in the 60F; it appears they changed the hardware in the box. 


Any thoughts besides buying a 24 port switch?  I'd probably go back to my old Juniper EX2200C before forking over hundreds of dollars for a larger Fortiswitch since it's coming out of my pocket.  I'm just trying to migrate to a "newer, better" network configuration since fiber is finally coming to our neighborhood.