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Migrate FortiGate 600C to 600E

I would like your support, my old device id fortigate 600C with firmware 5.6.13, I buy a new one is fortigate 600E, firmware is 6.0.2, I used admin account backup configure file from 600C, and I try to restore these configure file to 600E, but it's away said its require password, but during I backup configure I do not put any password, so how I solve  these issue, or which method that I can migrate configure from 600c to 600e with a few effect 


PS: I understand number of port between these 2 model is difference , but for production port I used only 4 interface 


Thank you for your support 


You will not be able to import configs from different firewall models and firmware versions.  Bellow are some options:


  1. FortiConverter Service:
  2. FortiConverter Tool:
  3. Unless your config is extremely long, just configure it manually from scratch. This will help you remove old configurations that you no longer need and likely improve security.
  4. You can also manually edit the config file to make it compatible with the new firmware. But this requires a lot of expertise. If you make a single mistake, the entire process will fail. Note that you will not be provided with TAC support if you face any issues during or after the migration.




Regarding this, the best option would be to go for forticonvertor.


Please check below link for the same:


Jay sharma

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