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Meaning of wildcard administrator

Hello folks,


A quick question that I thought was easy to figure out but I couldn't easily find an information about it:


What's the real meaning on the "wildcard" option in the Administrators Section on the FortiAnalyzer ?


Looking through the admin guide I couldn't find a definition nor a use case example. The only definition I found is in a FortiWeb product that says this:

Specifies whether the user-configured access profile in a remote authentication server overrides the access profile that is configured in FortiWeb. This field is available only when Type is Remote User.


Is this supposed to be used while defining a remote group (with a remote authentication server) and defines that each users that log in as a user but that aren't directly defined in the FortiAnalyzer will inherit the rights of that user ?

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wildcard is that, a any  "user". The profile   set the  expectation that we  use a remote-auth services ( RADIUS TACACS ) and  authenticated the use such as and pull any over-ride if required.






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See also this KB article: Remote Authentication using wildcard admin with Radius server

If there is no explicit match of the username against admin account, then wildcard is used & username/password are passed right through to the remote auth server.  Auth server will return the admin profile.

Chris Hall
Fortinet Technical Support

thanks for your replies, it's way clearer now.


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