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Mac M1 issues with fortitray and connecting to vpn

I am using the 7.0.6 client on an assortment of macs (current Monterrey and beta Ventura).

On the intel macs the client works fine, the OS prompts for kernel extension permission and for fortitray.

On the M1's fortitray never asks for access (I have subsequently added it manually), but the tray icon also disappears from the mac os tray when going to/from the mac user login screen.

Once the icon disappears, you can still access the client console, but at this point it gets stuck in a connecting state and never connects. You can't force it to stop connecting either.

The only solution is a reboot which is temporary until the bug appears again.

Behaviour was the same on 7.0.5 and it seems unique to M1's.



Hello @nickdb 

Are you facing same issue with FCT 706 ? 

How do you deploy FCT to your mac ? 

Did you grant all permission as per doc ? 



Hi, I install manually. 7.0.6 is the same (originally started with 7.0.5 which was the same).

I granted all the relevant permissions as per the doc, but as stated (and mentioned on other posts on the forum) M1 macs never prompt you for fortitray - only intel macs do.

I had to add manual permissions for it, which isn't right.

The client works fine until the tray icon disappears (usually when logging in/out or switching users). This is easy to reproduce and happens constantly on the M1's. Intel is fine. Mac OS 12.4.

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Hi, @nickdb 

thank you for your answer. In this case could you please create TAC ticket to verify your issue ? 


Support won't help as the vpn client is unsupported. Rather poor experience all in all.

I have not-inexpensive firewalls, of which a vpn is a rather critical piece of functionality which is unusable because of a client bug which forti refuses to support. 


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