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Lost internet connection when a pc enter a session



on a Fortigate FGT60B the led status is down when a customer open a windows session, and that cut the internet connection.

Very strange... The DHCP is on the server. I'm not able to going into the firewall right now, do you have an idea what could be causing this. Do you know where I can see the log of this LED off status.



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I have had two 60Bs fail very recently. One a WiFi unit and the other not. These are very old. When they froze on me, all the front LEDs were solid green and the status LED was dark. Reboots sometimes remedied things, but that didn't last long. After a factory reset, they would be good, but once the config was loaded and a load was put back on the device it would eventually go south once again. I would seriously look into replacing that unit.


As a matter of fact, thank you. I just removed that 60B from my signature. ;)

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