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Lost internet connection after 6.4.10

I did the firmware update to 6.4.10 and have lost internet connection.  I am still able to VPN in.  Where can I download 6.4.9 to try to get up and running again?


60F was installed by a local provider and I have very little knowledge of the settings.


Hi @mtellefson , 


Welcome to the community.


You should be able to download 6.4.9 from the page and there under Support there is the Firmware Download option.


Going back to your problem - can you provide more details:

- how is the Internet facing Interface configured static/dynamic

- how is routing  - do you use  static routes or other routing protocols?

- what is not working - all traffic is affected or just particular type?


I would recommend to use the troubleshooting steps described here and update us:

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I was able to get our local provider that installed the 60F connected and came up with a temporary solution.  Found out it is a DNS issue.  Internal DNS was working but external DNS would not resolve.  We changed the secondary DNS in the Fortigate DNS settings to and that temporarily resolved the issue while we try to find out what the problem is.


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