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Android Foirtclient v7 - EMS - Connection Issues



Since moving our clients from Forticlient (FCT) VPN using SSL VPN, to full FCT v7 using IPSEC, integrated with EMS cloud, we are experiencing issues with data / files being sync'd over the VPN connection.


There are two main issues, which are similar in nature. First issue, the app tries to sync files, and fails, but disconnects the VPN, and reconnects immediatley.


For the second issue, the files just sit locally on the app device, until connected to wifi. It seems it just wont sync over 4G. 


We had no similar issues before moving to full FCT v7 with EMS, so it would seem either EMS or FCT v7 full version has introduced some security or configuration change.


Any help much appreciated.


PS: Im trying to pull diagnostic logs from client via EMS , however its not generating anything. Im investigating that separately.


Hi, I use Forticlient EMS 7.0.7 on premise and I tried to make Ipsec VPNs with Android but they don't work because Android devices systematically acquire some wrong parameters of phase 1 and phase 2.
I have an open ticket with Fortinet support that actually recognizes the bug, but your problems seem different from mine. What exact version do you have of the Forticlient EMS?

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@FortiDave which exact version do you use of the Forticlient EMS? I am unable in any way to pass the correct parameters of phase 1 and phase 2 to the Android clients (any version). Fortinet recognized the bug to me but I would like to understand your current configuration if possible so that I can start using Ipsec on Android too.

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