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Lost connection to FortiGate (Attempting reconnect)

  •               We are using 3 ISPs and we are given web access to access the firewall 
  • Everyday morning i opened the firewall and it logged in normally
  • if i taken any changes the Firewall went lost connection to FortiGate attempting reconnect  when after logged in
  • We are not able to access some of times after showing the message
  • We are using Z-scalar for proxy mode
  • Give me a solution of this issue

There are a lot of factors that can cause this:

- multiple ISPs - are you using SDWAN? is it set up properly? 

- "taken any changes" - what changes? related to policies, to routing? too abstract

- "we are not able to access" - what error do you receive? is the traffic reaching the fortigate?

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