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Looking to create a fake SNMP spoof trap for "coldstart"

Hi. I have been researching the Fortigate on SNMP traps. I'm finding out that you can send a SNMP trap, but can I send a specific SNMP spoof for something like "coldstart" or "linkdown"? I know on Juniper you have a whole slew of different SNMP types that you can send spoofs of. Not sure if this is possible on Fortigate or anyway I can send different types of SNMP spoofs?

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Hi Carla

I think you are looking for command "diag snmp trap send".

Otherwise I don't know other way than to force the FGT to send a real trap, e.g. by unplugging or plugging a cable, unplug one PSU, catch a virus, change any config, login/logout, ... etc.