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Login To Managed FortiSwitch

We are getting started managing some FortiSwitch switches via FortiGate firewalls running FortiOS 6.0.10.The switches connect to the firewalls via FortiLink. The switches are running FortiSwitchOS 6.4.2.


I don't see too many options concerning switch management via the Firewall WiFi & Switch Controller menu. It looks as though there are some options on the switch available via the login directly via the switch GUI, is this correct?


How does one log in directly to the GUI on the switch when the switch is managed via a FortiGate and no one is onsite at the firewall and switch location? Is it via the IP address of the qtn.fortilink and a web browser? If so, is some configuration necessary to route to this IP address?


Also, what credentials are used to log into the switch? Is the default credentials or the firewall administrator credentials?


Sorry for so many questions.

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