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Logging of user in DNS filter when using FSSO on Active Directory

When using DNS filtering with logging, the username of the person making the DNS requests is stored in the duser= field in the log. This works great when the user is accessing the Fortigate DNS server through FortiClient SSL-VPN. However, it does not work for users that just send traffic through the firewall without using VPN. The duser= field is missing in that case.

For regular traffic, the duser= field gets populated from Active Directory integration, but for some reason this does not happen for DNS traffic directed at the Fortigate.

What is the best way to deal with DNS policy violations, when the Fortigate does not log who the user is? That makes it somewhat difficult to track down which users need to be educated. Is there a setting that I am missing?

You may need to modify firewall policy that allows DNS traffic - Web traffic. In Source field, try to also add user-groups that will have access.
This way, in forward logs you will see IP and username that has tried to reach to some specific destinations.

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