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Log Viewer 1 hour Out From System Time

Hi all,


We are running a pair of 100D Hardware Appliances (v6.2.2 build 1010 GA).

I only noticed today that when viewing logs in Log & Report > Web Filter, Application Control, Local Traffic etc. that the time being shown on the logs was one hour ahead of the actual system time. After an online chat with a Fortinet engineer (cheers Naveen!!) it was recommended that I restart the miglogd process. First, I ran the command diag sys top 5 40 for approximately 20 seconds to get the Process ID of the miglogd process. In my case the output looked like this:


miglogd      166      S       0.1     1.6

miglogd      233      S       0.1     1.6

miglogd      234      S       0.1     1.6


I then was instructed to run the following commands to kill the process:


diag sys kill 11 166

diag sys kill 11 233

diag sys kill 11 234


This worked almost immediately and my logs are now showing the correct time.

I appreciate that I should have noticed this sooner, after all, our clocks went back on 26th October 2019!!


A reboot would probably have worked as well, but it was nice to get a solution which didn't warrant a restart of the appliances and I thought I'd share my experience.


Best regards,


John P


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