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Link Aggregation with 4 Ports


actually we connected auf FG200E with a 2 Port Link Aggregation to our Procurve/Aruba Core-Switch.


Is it possible to add two more ports to this uplink, so that we can use 4GBit? Is there any interruption when adding the interfaces or any special sequence hot to add?





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Hi You can easely add 2 other Ports without disruption. Just add the 2 Ports to your LAG. Just to say, also with LAG/Trunks you haven't more speed within one connection. You will not have 4Gbs, but 4x 1Gbs. Also be aware that the 200E have "only" 1.8Gbs NGFW Throughput. Consider to plan to upgrade your environment if you have such requirements on the throughput (e.g. 600E with 2x 10Gbs). Best

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