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Limiting bandwidth for Windows Update

Hi. I would like to modify something. Nowdays I have a App Control that block some sites like FB or Windows Update Application.


I would like to restitct it and create a speed limit to thath Apps. I read something, but I don't know is my idea a good solution for that. I reda about Traffic Shaping. Maybe I write point which I want o do:

1. Create Traffic Shaping named "limited" with max bandwidth of 256kbps and guaranteed of 100kbps ond Medium Traffic priority) and apply sharper "per policy"

2. Create 2 sharping polucy for that  all sources to wan port. One is "high priority" and one is "limited". In limit it by choose "windows update and YouTube in Application section".

3. Whats the good order for that policies? First "limited" and then "high prioity" or vice versa?


I musct create a "high priority" policy or I can create only "limited" to restict YT i Windows Update transfer? 

How can I see that this is working? 


Thanks and have a nice day

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